Pumpensteuerung PC-16

Artikelnummer: PC-16

Automatik die bei Wassermangel den Trockenlauf der Pumpe verhindert

Kategorie: Pumpen Steuerungen

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Automaton controlling operation of surface and deep well pumps. It replaces the pressure switch and hydrophore tank. Opening the tap sends a signal to PC-16 automaton which starts the pump. Closing the tap makes PC-16 stop the pump. The automaton can match with one-phase pumps with power up to 1300 W, the power consumption of which does not exceed 10A during operation. The device has anti-dry run protection. When the well runs out of water, the devices stops the pump. PC-16 differs from PC-15 due to the restart function. PC-15 starts the pump, and the next start is possible only through user's intervention. PC-16 has the automatic restart function. After some time from the stop caused by a dry run, the function makes the device try to resume the pump operation automatically. If there is still no water entering the pump, the device switches the pump off again. The cycle is repeated several times a day, from the first switch- off. This solution is the best in case of automatic irrigation. Device easy for installation. It is equipped with a 1 m long power cable with a plug, and an electric socket to plug the pump in. PC-16 is equipped with 1" diameter ports.

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